AudioElectric Premium Polished Black Nickel Plated Binding Posts, dual PAIR pack

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Unique premium polished black nickel plated binding posts that allow for a high pressure low contact resistance connection between a soldered+crimped ring terminal and solid 3/8″ OD threaded rod.

  • includes two pairs of posts with red and black ABS washers and 14-16AWG ring terminals (larger wire gauge terminals available)
  • for use with banana plug, spade(0.205″) or up to 8AWG stranded wire
  • includes secure and torque-able ring terminal internal connection with 5/8″ hex nuts
  • large knob with 9/16″ Hex nut for speaker cable tightening
  • keyed mounting maintains post hole alignment; can be removed with side cutters or a knife
  • ABS washers allow for electrically insulated mounting on metal plates

Additional information

Weight .66 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × .3 in